My Retro Games for the Dreamcast

Warning: These games require a MIL-CD compatible Dreamcast !
All the games sold here are region free and professionally pressed CD, inside a CD jewel box with a color printed cover and manual !

Orion's Puzzle Collection
for Dreamcast & Windows PC:

3 puzzle games in one CD !

Game + Shipping to:
Yopaz IceStar is a puzzle game featuring 40 levels in 3 worlds, local highscore and a built in Level Editor !
You play as Yopaz and the vacuum of space forces you to slide indefinitely when you run in one direction. Only an ice wall will stop you in your tracks!
With this unusual constraint, you will need to collect all the stars on each level.
You will be able to change your color and collect stars of the corresponding color!
Your color will also allow you to go through teleporters, direction changers, or even protect you from enemies!

Yopaz 3D is the 3D version of Yopaz IceStar, where you have to collect all the diamonds and avoid the enemies, but this time in a 3D world !
Rotate the camera wisely to understand all your moving possibilities and create up to 8 custom levels with the built-in 3D Level Editor !

Turtle Chomp is a fun casual puzzle game. Try to make the longest fruits line and chain the combos ! Make the best Highscore and compete with your friends !

Elansar & Philia
for Dreamcast, Windows/Mac/Linux:

2 adventure games on 2 CD
in a DVD case with manual !

Game + Shipping to:

Elansar & Philia are 2 point & click adventure game in the spirit of Myst.

Elansar will let you explore an island and solve puzzles.
Will you uncover the Island's mystery ?

Philia is the sequel to Elansar.
Explore three worlds and solve over 15 puzzles by trying to understand how they work, and enjoy a nice background loving story.

Elansar is available in English, French, German & Spanish language.
Philia is available in English and French.